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Welcome to the website of CellGenix GmbH. Please have a look at our product lines, the cell types we offer products for or the current news and events.

CellGro® Cytokines comprise selected human cytokines used for ex vivo cell culture in the field of cell and gene therapy. CellGro® Cytokines are superior products. We not only provide a product of consistent highest quality, but also all documentation and regulatory support... » more

High-quality CellGro® GMP media are the basis for successful cell processing and play a pivotal role in the standardization of your cell culture. CellGro® Media are serum-free defined formulations optimized for ex vivo culture and expansion of various cell types... » more


CellGenix` high-quality reagents are complemented by a collection of fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) cell culture systems (VueLife®) and cryopreservation bags (Kryosure®) developed and manufactured by our partner Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics... » more

CellGenix offers a broad range of supplements, tools and accessories to optimize the cell culture and process of protocols used in cellular therapies as well as for research purposes... » more


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May 2017

CellGenix Appoints Leading Experts to Scientific Advisory Board

Freiburg, Germany, May 15, 2017 - CellGenix, a global leader in providing GMP-grade raw materials for cell and gene therapy and tissue-engineered products, today announced the appointment of highly experienced and...» more

April 2017

New Product Launch at CellGenix

Preclinical Recombinant Human Interferon-gamma (rh IFN-γ)» more

April 2017

Interview on Raw Materials for Cell & Gene Therapy

Exploring regulatory and supply issues» more

April 2017

CellGenix Lectures

Recent advances in NK cell translational research and clinical application in malignant diseases» more

February 2017

CellGenix Headquarters expands to meet the increasing demands for GMP cell culture reagents

Freiburg/Germany, February 21, 2017 - CellGenix, a global manufacturing leader of GMP-grade raw materials for cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue-engineered products, started facility expansions as more customers approach...» more

October 2016

CellGenix Lectures

Lecture on Juno's Cell Handling Platform for Efficient Production of Gene-Modified T Cells» more

September 2016

Critical Factors for Industrializing Cell and Gene Therapies

Quality Attributes and Quality Assurance of Raw Materials» more

September 2016

Phacilitate Europe in Berlin, September 21-22

Join our Round Table Discussion and Panel Discussion & Presentation» more

August 2016

Stay up to date on the latest advances in cell therapy

CAR-engineered natural killer cells: an adoptive cellular therapy approaching clinical application» more

August 2016

Updated Product Purity Specifications - GMP Cytokines

Our GMP cytokines are now characterized based on the recommendations of the upcoming Ph. Eur. monograph 5.2.12» more

August 2016

Reduced Endotoxin Levels - GMP Cytokines

Improve the safety and reproducibility of your T cell Therapy» more

July 2016

New Technote - Stability Studies

Stability of our preclinical and GMP cytokines during shipment at ambient temperatures» more

June 2016

New Technote - Stability Studies

Stability of our GMP media during shipment at ambient temperatures» more

June 2016

New Technote - Stability Studies

Learn more about the stabiliy of our GMP cytokines after reconstitution» more