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Welcome to the website of CellGenix GmbH. Please have a look at our product lines, the cell types we offer products for or the current news and events.

CellGro® Cytokines comprise selected human cytokines used for ex vivo cell culture in the field of cell and gene therapy. CellGro® Cytokines are superior products. We not only provide a product of consistent highest quality, but also all documentation and regulatory support... » more

High-quality CellGro® GMP media are the basis for successful cell processing and play a pivotal role in the standardization of your cell culture. CellGro® Media are serum-free defined formulations optimized for ex vivo culture and expansion of various cell types... » more


CellGenix` high-quality reagents are complemented by a collection of fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) cell culture systems (VueLife®) and cryopreservation bags (Kryosure®) developed and manufactured by our partner Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics... » more

CellGenix offers a broad range of supplements, tools and accessories to optimize the cell culture and process of protocols used in cellular therapies as well as for research purposes... » more


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April 2016

CellGenix Lectures

Inaugural Lecture on CAR-engineered natural killer cells» more

November 2015

CellGro® Preclinical HGF

First Cytokine produced with the CAP® Expression System» more

October 2015

CEVEC and CellGenix sign collaboration and license agreement for CEVEC’s proprietary CAP®Go technology

CEVEC provides expertise and grants license for the production of selected growth and differentiation factors based on CAP®Go technologyCEVEC further expands CAP®Go applications into the field of GMP-grade ex vivo cell culture...» more

August 2015

Advanced Cell Therapy Focus

Article in BioScience Journal, Summer Issue 2015 - Critical Factor for Industrializing Cell Therapies: Quality Attributes and Quality Assurance of the Manufacturing Raw Materials » more