New Technote - Stability Studies

July 2016

Stability of our preclinical and GMP cytokines during shipment at ambient temperatures

As we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products suitable for clinical ex vivo processing of cells, we care greatly about safety and product reliability.

To ensure product stability of our cytokines is not compromised during shipment at ambient temperatures we have put a validated shipment procedure in place. As part of this procedure we implemented special temperature control measures and performed shipment stability studies.

Our stability studies demonstrate that the product quality of our preclinical and GMP cytokines is not compromised by shipment in our standard packing at ambient temperatures. The results of the associated stability studies confirm that all freeze-dried CellGenix cytokines are stable at +50°C for at least 12 hours and at +30°C for at least 4 weeks.

Please download the Technote to have a detailed overview of our validated shipment procedure:

Technote shipment cytokines