For optimal use of CellGenix Cell Culture products

CellGenix offers a range of accesscoires to optimize the cell culture and process of protocols used in cellular therapies.

Clamps may be used to restrict the area within a VueLife® bag as necessary for seeding and expanding cultures.  As cells proliferate, the clamp is moved to accommodate additional media.

The clamps may also be used for closing KryoSure® bags and pouches prior to heat sealing with the Accu-Sealers.

  • 1C-0007 (  7 cm)
  • 1C-0010 (10 cm)
  • 1C-0014 (15 cm)
  • 1C-0022 (22 cm)
  • Culture Cassette
  • Culture Rack
  • BD Interlink® Injection Site
  • Threaded Lock Cannula
  • Swabable Valve; Needleless Injection Site (NIS)

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