KryoSure® Freezing Bags

The Fluoro Ethylene Propylene (FEP) material of KryoSure® Freezing Bags offers unique benefits that no other plastics can offer. It is biologically, chemically and immunology inert!

The Safe and Flexible way of Cryopreservation

  • The FEP material remains flexible in liquid nitrogen.
  • The exclusive laser sealing method allows rounded corners for cold strength durability during cryopreservation and maximal product retrieval after cryopreservation.
  • Due to FEP KryoSure® Freezing bags are optically clear.
  • A large label pocket allows easy readability of the contents information and prevents label loss or mix-up in all  cryopreservation environments.
  • KryoSure™ provides a non-reactive closed system. No plasticizers, leachables or extractables to adversely affect your cell cultures. The bag is non-reactive with all chemicals and biologicals including DMSO and DMF.
  • Etched serial numbers on the bag and tubing provides un-alterable identifications for the bag and up to 3 uniquely identifiable numbered segments.
  • The ISO compliant spike port with septum is protected from external contamination by an integral tear-open tamper-evident cover.
  • Contains and protects liquids and suspensions in mechanical freezers, vapor phase freezers, or direct emersion in liquid nitrogen.
  • All material conforms to USP Class VI.



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