VueLife® Cell Culture Bags

These patented technology VueLife® FEP (Fluoro Ethylene Propylene) bags offer unique properties and biological benefits not found in other culture systems.
Innovative design provides a closed biological system greatly reducing the risk of culture contamination while allowing easy access for the introduction of new material.

The clear choice for your Cell Culture

  • VueLife® Cell Culture Bags are manufactured under GMP.
  • FEP offers unique benefits that no other plastics can offer. It is biologically, chemically and immunology inert.
  • All material conforms to USP Class VI.
  • A non-reactive closed system. No plasticizers, leachables or extractables to adversely affect your cell cultures. The bag is non-reactive with chemicals and biologicals, including DMSO.
  • FEP has excellent O2, CO2 and N2 gas transfer rates yet is virtually impermeable to H20, allowing incubation of cells without any water loss. There is no need to use humidified incubators (a common source for mold and fungus contaminants).
  • Optically Clear! Observe your cells with your microscope (dry or oil immersion). Transmission of 95% UV, visible and infrared.
  • Very strong! VueLife® Bags may be used in a centrifuge with support – from incubator to centrifuge to liquid nitrogen.

Please download the Handling Instructions here




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