CellGro® Cytokines

High-Quality – High Performance for all Clinical Phases

CellGro(R) GMP Cytokines for Clinical Ex Vivo UseCellGro(R) Preclinical Cytokines for Preclinical Ex Vivo Use

CellGro® Cytokines comprise selected human cytokines used for ex vivo cell culture in the field of cell and gene therapy. CellGro® Cytokines are superior products. We not only provide a product of consistent highest quality, but also all documentation and regulatory support crucial for your success. CellGenix supplies recombinant human cytokines produced in E. coli manufactured exclusively with safe and qualified raw materials in the production and purification process. CellGro® Cytokines combine a maximum of quality and safety with excellent performance due to state-of-the-art production, quality control, and documentation expertise. A batch-specific certificate of analysis is provided with each cytokine.

CellGro® Preclinical Cytokines                                            CellGro® GMP Cytokines


CellGro® products have been used in a variety of settings and many clinical trials throughout the world. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for an up-to-date reference list.

CellGro® is a registered trademark of CellGenix in Japan and several European countries. In the USA and Canada CellGro® reagents are marketed under CellGenixTM.

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