Dendritic Cells

Dendritic cells represent unique antigen-producing cells capable of sensitizing T-cells to antigens. DCs play a central role in the regulation of innate and adaptive immunitiy.

Dendritic cell therapy represents a new and promising immunotherapeutic approach for treatment of different types of cancer.

CellGenix offers high-quality serum free culture medium and cytokines for the generation, maturation and activation of dendritic cells.

Serum-free GMP medium for optimal culture of dendritic cells.

CellGro® GM-CSF
CellGro® IL-1 beta
CellGro® IL-4
CellGro® IL-6
CellGro® IL-10
CellGro® IFN-gamma
CellGro® TNF-alpha

CellGro® GMP IL-1 beta
CellGro® GMP IL-4 USP*
CellGro® GMP IL-6
CellGro® GMP IL-10
CellGro® TNF-a

*CellGro® GMP IL-4 USP is worldwide the first cytokine to comply with the USP <92> standard.